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Helping Hands Bridging Program
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Bridging Program

How to Access Helping Hands Bridging Program

Whether you are interested in finding out more about Helping Hands Bridging Program, or you are ready to engage our services, a Bridging Program Coordinator is available to speak with you. He or she will contact you by telephone, then set up an appointment to meet with you and/or the client.

meetingOur Bridging Program Coordinator will visit each client to complete a safety assessment of the location where services will be provided, and meet the client. We suggest that a client’s family member(s) or a trusted friend also attend this visit to provide support and ensure that all the client’s concerns or questions are addressed. The coordinator will require information about the client’s needs and preferences so that he or she is better able to match the client with a homemaker or caregiver whose individual skills and abilities will best suit the client’s needs.  Once this initial meeting has occurred, we can usually implement our services within 1-2 weeks; however, this may be possible more quickly in urgent situations.

It is helpful if the client and/or the person requesting our services gives some prior thought to the kinds of assistance the client will require, as well as the most convenient times for our visits, before our initial appointment.  We recommend that regular visits be scheduled to enable trust to develop between clients and staff, as well as to encourage clients to be proactive rather than reactive about accessing assistance or care.  Our Bridging Program coordinators are often able to schedule regular Bridging visits around each client’s personal preferences and needs, and visit times or frequency can always be decreased or increased as client needs change.


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