Helping Hands Personal Care Homes are completely accessible to people with physical and/or cognitive challenges. We offer:


  • wheelchair ramps
  • widened hallways with railings
  • widened doorways
  • entire homes exist on one level; no stairs
  • mechanical lift for those who require total assistance for transfers
  • oxygen equipment accommodated
  • special equipment in washrooms to accommodate particular needs
  • medications are stored in a locked cabinets
  • cleaning supplies, etc are stored in secure areas
  • doors are alarmed to announce entrances and exits to and from the home
  • all bedrooms and washrooms feature a call-bell system
  • all transfer equipment designated by occupational therapy accommodated (poles, etc)
  • lowered windows in some bedrooms for those unable to see out of regular sized windows
  • commodes available in resident rooms if required
  • electric hospital beds available if required

Helping Hands Regina

226 Hansen Drive
Regina SK S4X 2Y6
Phone:  306-545-7733
Fax:  306-545-7738

Helping Hands Melville

703 Main Street
Melville SK

Helping Hands Grenfell

710 Stella Street
Grenfell SK

Helping Hands Broadview

718 Main Street
Broadview SK