Client Safety & Security.

Helping Hand Bridging Program staff members are thoroughly trained before providing care and assistance to any of our clients. Our Bridging Program Coordinators are available anytime to answer questions or provide assistance to all of our staff.

We take our clients’ safety and security very seriously, and commit to safe practises in all situations. We recognize that we are providing care and assistance to those in our society who are most vulnerable. 

All Helping Hands Bridging Program staff are bonded and insured, and have undergone background checks before they are hired and placed with our clients. We collect information from numerous references for each potential employee, and we conduct criminal record checks and background checks. No one with any questionable background or criminal record is ever employed by Helping Hands. 

Helping Hands is committed to maintaining our clients’ privacy. Our staff are educated about why confidentiality is important, and they also sign detailed confidentiality agreements and do not divulge any information about clients without consent of the clients. Helping Hands Bridging Program complies with all privacy legislation.

Helping Hands Regina

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