Dining Room.

Meal times are special for our residents, and become very social occasions with many of the residents interacting with each other and with the staff. It is important to us that residents enjoy their meals, as well as the environment in which they are eating. Every effort is made to ensure the residents are comfortable and have everything they need to make each meal as pleasant as possible.

We have two dining rooms at Helping Hands to better assist our residents. The main dining room features a beautiful built-in cabinet which houses our own china, as well as sentimental items which belong to residents who want them out where others can enjoy them. The main dining room table comfortably seats 6 residents with a great deal of extra room. If required, it can seat as many as 7 or 8 people. This table is where many of our residents who enjoy visiting and need very little assistance with eating are seated. The main dining room is attached to our Living Room area, which is bright and cheery. It also has 2 large North facing windows that look out onto our back yard. A stereo in the living room provides music for dining and there are often lively conversations going on among staff and residents

Our smaller dining room is located just off our kitchen area. It features a smaller, more intimate seating area which has room for 4 residents. Married couples may choose this area for meals since it allows for more interaction between them. When no married couples are present in the home, other residents who utilize this dining room may require more observation or more assistance from our staff. Since our small dining room is so near the kitchen, there is more opportunity for the staff to have visual contact with these residents to ensure they are able to enjoy their meal, or for the staff to assist those residents to eat.

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