Our kitchen has all the comforts and conveniences you would find in any home in which people enjoy cooking, and it is a room where our homemakers spend a great deal of time. Homemade meals and goodies are the norm at Helping Hands, and it takes time to prepare good food “from scratch”. The island design of the south countertop allows the homemaker to observe residents at our small dining table as well as in our family room so that she can attend to any needs they may have. It also provides a space for conversation between our homemaker who might be cooking something up and a resident who may be reminiscing about the way he or she used to do things in days past.

The kitchen is often called the “Heart of the Home” and is certainly a place almost everyone visits several times daily. Therefore we have placed our monthly activities calendar in the kitchen area so that residents and family members can see what events or activities are coming up. Please make sure you visit the kitchen area if you tour Helping Hands, and don’t forget to taste test the home-baked treats!

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