Palliative Care

Residents at Helping Hands who require Palliative Care can receive this in a home setting that is as non-medicalized as possible. The following services, in addition to all services offered to all other residents, are available to our Palliative Residents:

  • Effective Pain Management
  • Management of Palliative Symptoms such as agitation, etc
  • Informal Family Counseling and Information
  • Pressure Sore Prevention and Management
  • Management of nausea related to illness and/or medications
  • Clergy visits and involvement if desired
  • 24 hour per day Visitation by Family if desired
  • Involvement and Consultations with our Palliative Specialist Registered Nurse
  • Liasoning with Resident’s Physician
  • If required, Assistance with Tasks after the death of the resident regarding contacting and working with a funeral home, etc

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