Personalized Services.

Meet and Greet Visit:

An introductory visit by our Bridging Program Coordinator to assess the client’s needs, get to know them, and give them information about Helping Hands’ wide variety of available services.

Helping Hands Bridging Program Coordinators make an initial appointment to visit all of our clients before they are admitted to the Program. The purpose of this visit is to determine their care and/or assistance needs before matching them with one of our dedicated team members who is well-suited to them and their particular needs. The chosen team member will also have availability during the hours that the client prefers, and will posess the skill-set required by the client, be it in the areas of meal preparation, home-making, personal care, specialized care, or nursing care. Our Bridging Coordinators will work with our clients to develop a schedule that works for them, and are always available to discuss questions or concerns. If the scheduled hours of service with Helping Hands need to be altered, increased or decreased at a later date, these changes are easily made. It is our mission to provide quality, individualized care and assistance that is tailored to each client’s needs.

Helping Hands Regina

226 Hansen Drive
Regina SK S4X 2Y6
Phone:  306-545-7733
Fax:  306-545-7738

Helping Hands Melville

703 Main Street
Melville SK

Helping Hands Grenfell

710 Stella Street
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Helping Hands Broadview

718 Main Street
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